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Previous Conferences

 1.H.Pylori Conference 2009
 2.CRC Conference 2009
 3.NAFLD Conference 2009
 4.Celiac Conference 2010
 5.IBD Conference 2010
 6.PSC Conference 2010
 7.IBD Conference 2010
 8.Autoimmune Hepatitis Conference 2010
 9.Hepatitis Conference 2010
 10.Colorectal Cancer Conference 2010
 11.Abdominal Bloating conference 2010
 12.Pancreatobiliary conference 2010
 13.Extraintestinal manifestations of IBD and its treatment Conference 2011
 14.Peptic Ulcer Conference 2011
 15.Constipation Conference 2011
 16.Chest Pain Conference 2011
 17.Abdominal Pain Conference 2011
 18.Functional Abdominal Pain Syndrome Conference 2011
 19.Hepatobiliary Diseases During Pregnancy Conference 2011
 20.Adenocarcinoma of the pancreas and ampulla vater Conference 2013
 21.Breast Cancer Conference 2013
 22.Breast Cancer Treatment Conference 2014
 23.Fasting and Physical Illness Conference 2014
 24.Gastric Cancer Conference 2014
 25.Cancer Screening Conference 2014
 26.Anemia Conference 2014
 27.Constipation Conference 2014
 28.Viral hepatitis Conference 2014
 29.Indications of Endosonography Conference 2014
 30.Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome Conference 2014
 31.liver lesions Conferences 2015
 32.Fasting and Diseases Conference 2015
 33.IBD Conferences 2015
 34.Celiac disease and gluten related disorders Conference 2016
 35.Pancreatic Tumors Conference 2017
 36.Fatty Liver Diseases 2017
 37.Rectal Cancer Conferences 2018
 38.Living with Celiac Diseases Conference 2018
 39.Application of Hydrogen Breath Test in GI Disorders and Application of Hydrocolon Therapy in Diagnosis and Treatment of GI Disorders 2018
 40.Principles and diagnosis of gastric cancer Conference 2018


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